To-Do List Tuesday

Today was one of those days where, instead of checking things off the to-do list, you just add more and more to it as the day goes on.

After a quick breakfast, I did a five mile interval workout on the treadmill. After each mile, I got off and did (after mile 1) pushups, (m2) squats, (m3) burpees, (m4) V-ups, (m5) dumbbell curls, lunges, and planks. Boy did this get me sweating!

Once I was all stretched and rolled out, I showered and made a quick lunch of a pb&j bagel and an apple. I spent the entire day working on the online mag, applying for jobs, emailing professors and doing some research. I was a busy bee!

I ate a bunch of coconut almonds and a peach before dinner which was tacos. I absolutely hate the flavor of the taco seasoning my mom uses, so I cut up a veggie burger, mixed it with corn and black bean salsa, avocado, tomato & lettuce, and wrapped it all up. Nothing too exciting but it got the job done. For a while anyway.

taco wrap

By 8:30 I was feeling hungry, and my amazing father was getting my mom some ice cream from Carvel, so I asked him to pick me up one of these babies.

strawb shortcake

My friends and I often get “Carvelanches” or mint chocolate chip Sundae Dashers, so I figured I would try something new and get the strawberry shortcake flavor. Despite how huge it is, it’s sort of light and refreshing, unlike the richer options I usually choose when I get Carvel. So good!

After finally checking enough off the to-do list, I got to hang out with the boy for a bit.

Now, it’s time for bed!


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