Life Is Good

Today really felt like summer.

The day began with an awesome 5 mile run outside before I set out for a hike with four of my friends. Not only was it fun to chat with them as we walked up the steep mountain, but we also got to look at this when we got to the top. It’s things like this that make you realize how good life really is.


After the hike, I spent some time at home working before I went out to The Counter Burger with the boy. I love that place. I always get the veggie burger on a multigrain bun with roasted red peppers, grilled onion, corn and black bean salsa, and tomato. SO messy. SO good.

After digesting I had some Edy’s Salted Caramel Pretzel ice cream mixed with vanilla greek yogurt, as well as some Hershey’s Drops.

I noticed today that I’ve been really digging gold lately. Not digging for gold – digging the gorgeous color. WIthout even thinking about it, I quickly changed into this outfit after the hike, and right as I looked in the mirror I laughed because I chose the same headband as I did a few nights ago, and gold earrings. Guess that’s what I’m into these days!

jcrew topadd a jcrew cardi

sock bun

I didn’t end up wearing those earrings, but this pic shows the successful sock bun! It surprisingly stayed put all night!

gold accessories

Those were the earrings I decided on. Simple gold leaf studs.

So, there ya have it. Little fitness, little food, little fashion, and lots of fun all in one post. Four things that make me one happy girl.


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