Fun Facts (Technically) Friday

Instead of a recap of my day, I decided that I would do some fun facts. I know that’s normally a ‘Friday’ thing (like Courtney and Chelsey do), and this is really my Thursday post, but ehhhh whatever. I’ll think of something to write about tomorrow.

Without further ado, here are some fun, random facts about me, in no particular order and with really no reason behind why I am revealing them now.

1. When I have any fruit with a stem, I need the stem out before I even think about eating it. I usually clean it off under cold water, dry it, and twist off the stem with a paper towel.

Seriously, get lost.

Seriously, get lost.


2. If I can, I slice my fruit (apples, pears, nectarines, etc.), as opposed to biting in. I hate the sticky feeling of juice running down my chin.

3. I always stretch after I run, and 99% of the time after I bike or do any sort of vigorous exercise. But after I run, I go through about a 10 minute stretching routine that I pieced together from stretches I’ve learned along the way. Once I started this little routine (probably my sophomore year of high school), I have never not done it after a run. Even if I have to do each stretch super fast, it will always get done.

4. There are really no vegetables I dislike besides olives. I have tried multiple times to give them another shot, but every single time I spit them out. Growing up I also hated pickles, until I tried them at college. Now I like them with certain things. I thought this same thing might happen with olives. Yeah no.

5. I am obsessed with coffee. I also hated it all my life, but the summer before I went to college, I drank a mug full of coconut flavored coffee from my cousin’s Keurig and it was love at first sip. My favorite right now is literally anything vanilla & cinnamon.

Mug shot. Get it? ha.....

Mug shot. Get it? ha…..

6. I love long car rides (when I am not the driver). There’s just something about watching the scenery change so quickly before your eyes, listening to music, and being on a journey  that I just find so exhilarating yet peaceful at the same time.

7. My hair is extremely temperamental. It’s super fine and frizzy, so as soon as there’s even a trace of moisture in the air, it’s out of control. I can do the exact same thing to it every day (comb and put anti-frizz cream in it and let it air dry) and it will never look the same as it did the day before. Some days it’s got a cute little wave/curl to it, and others its just a frustrating frizz ball. Good hair was not something I was blessed with.

8. I hate math. AP Calculus was the death of me and I almost cried when I found out it wasn’t enough to get me out of taking math at my college. First semester freshman year of college when I stepped out the door after taking my math final, I literally smiled and giddily (is that a word?) giggled out loud. Never have to take a math class again. Never been so happy.

Not even The School of RockMath Song‘ can make me like it.

9. I am a night owl. If you haven’t already noticed that my posts go up  s u p e r  late, they do. It’s a bad sign when I’m still saying ‘today’ when technically I’m referring to yesterday. I just can’t fall asleep before 12 (or 1, really) even if I try.

10. I am obsessed with magazines. I love love love People Style Watch, Instyle, Glamour, SelfAllure, Marie Claire, the list goes on. When that glossy book comes in the mail, I get so excited. Celeb gossip, fashion, fitness – all my favorite things in one shiny little package. Looking at a pile of unread issues gives me that same feeling as when you see all the unopened presents on Christmas morning. I’m easily pleased, clearly.

mags on mags on mags

Mags on mags on mags.

Well that’s enough randomness for one Thursday night.

Wait look, it’s Friiiday.


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