I’ve Joined the 21st Century

Well, I have officially joined the 21st century. That means I’m now tweeting. Guess that’s what this modern world has come to…

I spent a good chunk of my Friday figuring out the whole new world of Twitter. I never really had any interest in getting an account, but after reading Julie and Tina‘s blog tips and hearing from Sarah Fit who told me I should get one, I figured I might as well make the big move.


Follow me?!


Anywhooooo, here are some fun facts I meant to post on Friday!

1. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was four years old. My eyesight is terrible and just getting worse by the day. Yikes!

Harry Potter?

Female Harry Potter?

2. I loooove ice cream. I probably eat at least a little bit (but usually more than a little bit…) every single day during the warmer months. I know, that’s not the ‘healthiest’ choice, but it’s my (not so) guilty pleasure and since I work out and eat a well balanced diet, a little ice cream won’t kill me. Also, since I’m not needing to lose weight at this point in my life, I think some ice cream is A-Okay!

m&m brownie blizzard

3. My toenails always have to be painted. I can handle my fingernails being bare for a few days between manicures, but I cannot stand looking down at unpainted toenails. Nasty.

4. I love every style of music. I literally have the most eclectic iTunes ever. I’m obsessed with anything that’s good. I’ve got country, rap, top 40, rock, oldies, techno – seriously everything.

My newest random purchases. This Alt-J song is my JAM.

My newest random purchases. This Alt-J song is my JAM.

5. I never ever workout without my watch. I got it right before my freshman year of high school and have worn it for every single XC and track practice and race (besides the few that had strict rules – those were tough on me and I still found myself grabbing my wrist to start timing the second the gun went off). I’m surprised it’s held up the way it has, especially since it probably cost about fifteen bucks. I’ve been wanting to get a Garmin or a good Nike watch, but still have yet to make the big purchase. For now, my lil pink and black friend is sticking around. We’ve been through a lot together.

Starting line, hand on the watch.

Starting line.

6. Every night before bed, I watch the Shaytards daily vlog on YouTube. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every single episode, plus most of the videos on their other channels. They’re the nicest, funniest, coolest family ever. One of my dreams is to meet any of the Butlers, and to film a recipe or workout video with them!

Check out all their videos!

Check out all their videos!

7. Besides The Bachelorette, my other guilty pleasure TV show is Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  I love seeing what that crazy family is up to and how all the drama unfolds. Also, their outfits are always so glamorous and out there, I never get sick of seeing them literally dripping diamonds while they’re just lounging around the house mansion.

8. If I could have everything ever made by Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer, I absolutely would. I’m beyond obsessed with my VV tote bag (the pattern is my college’s ‘logo’!) and my second Lilly iPhone case.

lilly case with credit card slot


9. I love the name “Finley” for a boy. I’ve already claimed it if I have a son one day. Little baby Finn?! Oh my gosh, too cute.

10. Tonight, I’m hanging out with the same little crew that went on the weekend beach trip two weekends ago! So excited for more of their crazy antics.


Hope you have a fabulous, fun, summery weekend!!


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