Cookin’ Up a Storm

So, lately I’ve been cookin’ up a storm over here! During the summer, I absolutely love to help my mom make dinner for the family. I email her recipes I find and we make them together, or she teaches me some of her ‘classics’. I try to be home for dinner just about every week night during summer vacay so I can help her cook and have some fam time. Friday and Saturday are takeout/ out to dinner nights at our house, so that’s when I tend to go out to eat with my friends (although I do eat out with the fam a lot too).

I love experimenting and making things like turkey burgers with avocado or mango salsa, salmon with all sorts of different toppings, different types of chilies and meat loafs, quesadillas, homemade pizzas, and yummy side dishes. It’s so fun when my family tries what we make and guesses what the ‘secret ingredient’ is and gives us feedback. Cooking is definitely a hobby of mine and something I look forward to doing more of in the future.

Tonight I made flatbreads and quesadillas with Flatout Healthy Grain Flatbreads, salsa, mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken, black beans, all sorts of veggies, and The Laughing Cow Light Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil.

The unfinished soon as they were done I didn't have time to snap a pic before they were inhaled.

The unfinished product…as soon as they were done I didn’t have time to snap a pic before they were inhaled.

Last night, my mom and I made stuffed peppers using one of her old recipes. I don’t know the exact ingredients/measurements but I know we used lean ground beef, tomato sauce, onion, tomato, half a cup of brown rice, a little mozzarella cheese and some spices. We ate them with fresh whole grain rolls and Olivio spread. They were scrumptious and super pretty, but I forgot to take a photo until after I started eating mine. Whoopsies.

Not cute.

So not cute.


Some Thoughts to Share

I really want to start posting recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and desserts, as well as more workouts and outfits of the day! As soon as I’m all settled into my internship/ work schedule, I’m hoping I can find the time to fix up this blog and make it all I want it to be.

I hate how unprofessional it looks with no organized categories, low quality photos, and no rhyme or reason to anything. I’m obsessed with the whole blog world and I want so badly to be a part of it, so it frustrates me that mine is looking so crappy when I know exactly the direction I want to take it. I just don’t have the time, experience, or means to really get there right now. (I am not making excuses at all here – more just justifying to myself why it’s okay this isn’t ‘perfect’).

That is NOT at all to say that I’m not proud of what I’ve done so far because, in all actuality, just the fact that I even have a blog is surreal to me.


So anyway, now that my little confessional rant is over, I just want to share a few things I’ve been up to in the past couple days.

Yesterday, the boy was off from work so he and I got some Subway sandwiches (um hello, Turkey & Avocado on 9 Grain Wheat, where have you been all my life?) and had a little picnic outside in a local park and then swung on swings at a playground. It was fun to run around in the bright summer sun and just be young. Sometimes us young adults are so focused on our futures that we forget that we can still let our inner child out every now and again. Carefree days like that remind me how the little things – a sunny day, a completely free afternoon and laughter – are really what life is all about.

Speaking of the little things, we also enjoyed soft serve vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles – a summertime classic. So simple. So, so good. (I enjoyed mine so much that I realized I wanted to take a picture of it’s perfection the second I finished. Typical.)

This does not do it justice...but imagine that green one wayyy bigger, a million times the amount of sprinkles and no cherry (ew).

Imagine that teeny green one a million times bigger with buckets of jimmies and no nasty cherry on top.


On that tasty note, I’m out!

Hope your week is going well! Catch y’all latahhh!


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