Oh. My. GOSH.

Before I get to the really exciting stuff (the stuff that’s ‘oh my gosh’ worthy), let’s back up to Wednesday afternoon.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was super excited for my cup a joe.  photo 1

About an hour after finishing lunch, I took a little break from work to make myself a hot cup of deliciousness. Seriously, there is no better afternoon pick-me-up than a steaming mug of coffee. Especially when it’s raining cats and dogs and the work is never ending. The coffee, along with a gala apple and a Kashi Chocolate Soft Baked Square, powered me through all my work, all way til it was time to make dinner.

Secret stash of my favorite bars.

Secret stash of my favorite bars.

For dinner, I made my ‘famous’ turkey burgers on whole wheat buns. The recipe is so quick and easy (I’ll have to post it because seriously, it’s ahhhmazing).


I topped mine with lettuce, tomato, onion, and salsa. I also dipped it in mustard (I always have to dip it – don’t ask why). On the side, I had some Bush’s Baked Beans (honestly I have no clue which flavor), as well as at least double the amount of BBQ Pop Chips pictured. This is definitely one of my favorite laid back summer meals!


Now it’s finally time to say it.

Oh. My. GOSH.

Thursday was probably one of the coolest days of my life.

Three of my friends (the crew I went on that little beach vacation with) and I went to New York City for the day because we got tickets to see…

photo 2

That’s right! Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!!!

We’re all huge SNL fans and he was one of our favorites when he was on (as well as Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Kristen Wiig).

We weren’t overly thrilled when we found out the guests would be Salma Hayek and Charlie Day, just because they aren’t celebs we’re necessarily fans of (not that we don’t like them). We were hoping for Kristen Wiig or Steve Carell or, ya know, maybe Beyonce or something… But still we were pumped to see them and, even more – JIMMY freakin’ FALLON.

We arrived in the city around noon, parked in an ICON Parking Garage (which cost $43 for the whole day, but we had a coupon and only spent $23!!) and took an easy 5 minute walk to…

photo 5

I’ve been to 30 Rock for a tour, during Christmas time to see the tree and Radio City Christmas Spectacular, as well as for an externship this past school year. I feel pretty comfortable there and know my way around it well, which is nice. We got lunch from Hale and Hearty, which I really liked. I got the Hummus Wrap which is “served with roasted red peppers, plum tomatoes, cucumber, golden raisins, red onion, mesclun mix & sesame dressing on a whole wheat tortilla”. I’m all over anything with hummus and veggies that comes in a whole wheat wrap!

We then went through the whole waiting/retrieving our tickets process which was a little hairy, but by 3:00 we had our swanky, official wristbands and an hour and fifteen minutes to kill before it was time to get in line to be seated.

After a snack and a million rounds of Ellen’s “Heads Up!” game, we were more than ready when 4:15 rolled around.

Download this app...it's a perfect party (or killing time) game!

Download this app…it’s a perfect party (or killing time) game!

We had to get in a million different lines to get to a million different locations to wait and wait and wait until finalllllly we were ushered into the studio!

And guess what?!?!


Your seat is completely random and literally just pure luck…and I guess luck was on our side.

Our little row of four was actually the closest to the set, right by the door the guests exit through, and right in Jimmy’s line of vision.

We actually spotted SNL producer Lorne Michaels through the door, as well as got personal waves from Salma and Charlie as they left the stage! GAHHH, IT WAS SO COOL.

Obviously, we were’t allowed to have our phones on, so the whole time I was fighting my extreme urge to take a picture. I wanted so badly to capture the moment and be able to show people how flippin’ close we were, but of course – I obliged to the rules. I love having tangible reminders of events to ensure I’ll never forget, but I know I will always remember the experience. I know that because at the end, Jimmy came into the audience…


shook our hands!!!!

Yeah, I know – I’m such a dork…but it was seriously so exciting to me! We literally could not stop talking about it afterwards.

We got out of the studio at about 7:00 and were starving, so we went to Bill’s Bar & Burger in Rockefeller Center.

I got the Tuscan Turkey Burger which is “freshly ground, mixed with aged provolone, LTP* (lettuce, tomato, pickle), mustard aioli, multigrain bun”.

photo 3

I also got a huge bowl? ‘side’ of coleslaw since it was the only one that slightly resembled any kind of greens, and I was craving some cold veggies. But, by the time it came I wasn’t really feeling it, so I only ate a few bites.


After shopping around a bit at J.Crew (of course…what else would you expect of me), we got some Starbucks iced coffee to wake us up a bit since it had been such a long day.

We then decided to walk around Times Square because it was a beautiful night. The humidity took a brief hiatus that evening, and there was a perfect view of the pink, orange, and yellow sunset in between the buildings. We all tried to take a picture, but unfortunately, it didn’t come out on camera :(.

Around 9:00, we made our way back to the parking garage and left the city after an incredible day.

On the way home, I requested we go through the McDonald’s drive thru for a hot fudge sundae (hehe ;)).


I don’t care what anyone says about Micky D’s – their ice cream (specifically McFlurries and hot fudge sundaes) is to die for.

The ride home was full of funny stories, singing along to middle school throwbacks, and so many laughs.

I can think of three words to sum up how I feel about Thursday –

Oh. My. GOSH.


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