I Hope You Haven’t Forgotten

It’s been so long, I hope you haven’t forgotten about little old me!

I’ve missed you guys! I’ve been crazy busy the past few weeks. Luckily this week I get to go home on Tuesday for THANKSGIVING!!

I’m SO excited. I get to 1) Go HOME. 2) See my family. 3) See some high school friends I haven’t seen since August. 4) Eat amazing food. 5) Get a little break from school before finals (ahhh). 6) CHRISTMAS IS COMING.


Fun fact: Nothing makes me happier than anything related to Christmas. The music. The baking. The snow. The cozy nights. The comfy clothes. The hot chocolate. The tree. The spirit. The memories. The list goes on and on and on. December is probably my favorite time of year. (Minus the finals).

Since last week I had a ton of papers and presentations, this little 2 day week is just a regular week, aka no big things due! THAT means I could get on here today and catch up with you 🙂

So except for the insane amount of work, November has been a blast! Lots of sporting events (football, hockey, basketball – yay!), and lots of fun with my friends!


Recent Eats

The world’s largest apple.

photo 1

photo 2 copy

Delicious dinner at Union Street.

photo 2

I got the Gorgonzola Pear Turkey burger. Let’s just say fig jam = heaven.

photo 3

Froyo at Yogurtland. I’ve never been to this place before but oh my gosh it was amazing. I got Banana Bread, Pumpkin Pie, Oatmeal Cookie, and Apple Cider. Fall in a cup.

photo 4

Typical school dinner- chicken with pesto, quinoa salad, beet salad, veggies.

photo 1

Another typical dining hall meal- salmon and roasted veggies (with a side of Pop Chips that were not photographed).

photo 1

Yes college kids – delivery froyo does exist. Angora Cafe.

photo 3



Lately I’ve been varying it up a lot which I love.

Running when it’s nice out (~50 degrees is my favorite running temp ever). Some days are longer runs, other days are shorter runs followed by arms or abs or a little total body workout.


I’ve been going to the gym on days I don’t feel like running or it’s too cold out (but I’ve been trying to take advantage of the not yet frigid or snowy weather by going for runs outside as much as I can since I know once the snow comes, I’ll be forced to hit the gym all the time). I usually bike or elliptical or a combo of both while I’m there. When I bike I like to do a variation of this workout.


Recently I’ve also been into ending a cardio workout with some planks. I like to do 1 minute each of some (or all) of these (in no particular order) –

  • front elbow planks
  • front planks with leg raises
  • side planks
  • side planks with one leg raised
  • side plank twists
  • side planks, lowering and raising body
  • straight arm side star planks
  • front shoulder taps

One day I’ll have to create a little illustration of my plank circuit workout. For now, here’s a good little plank reference link.


I’ve also been doing lots of awesome indoor room workouts, which I know I’ll be doing even more of once the snow and freezing weather begin.



1301   130a   1370   131b   1320

       1329        1363        1354        1332 2

I’ve been sporting cloth headbands a lot lately. My hair gets super dry and limp in the winter, but I like to wear it down because it can’t as easily in the more humid months. The cloth headbands give it some pizzaz and a little volume (or so I like to think anyway).

I’ve also worn my navy polka dotted Keds quite a bit and have received a ton of compliments. I love these shoes because they can really be worn in any season, they’re comfy, they go with a ton of different outfits, and they’re freaking adorable.

I’ve also broken out my Sperry boots (I got mine from J.Crew a few years ago). I love these things and wear them all the time in the winter.

As you can probably tell from these few pictures, I’m kind of obsessed with scarves. I have a ton, and am always collecting more. They keep me warm plus they complete any outfit!


I know that was a loaded post, but I felt like I needed to get on here to update you while I had the time! We all know once finals begin (aka in about 2 weeks…gulp) I won’t have much time to spare.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the update and that you have a fabulous Thanksgiving and start to the holiday season!!!

Hopefully you get to be with family & friends, eat delicious food, make a little time for fitness, and most importantly – have some FUN!!

Catch ya later 🙂


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