Am I Going to Regret This…?

Well hello there!

It has been way too long, my friends, but….I’m finally home!!!

PHEW. My papers (one was 25 pages….), final exams, and all the other stuff I had to do is behind me, and let me tell you, it feels AMAZING.

I’m really sad to be away from my best friends and my school, but it feels great to be home with no (school) work to do for months!

I have a ton of pictures and even a few half written posts ready to be finished one of these days, so I will definitely catch up at some point.

In the mean time….

Here is my very first (very short) VLOG!

I had zero plans to do this today, but I suddenly felt the urge to whip out my camera (aka iPhone). I had no idea what I was saying, and only did that one take.

Not sure why I feel so inclined to post it, but it is kinda nice to just say what I could type in an entire long blog post in just a couple minutes.

I would apologize for the awkwardness, but that’s just me. So on second thought, no apologies necessary!

Let me know what you guys think! It’s my first but could very well be my last….

Have a great weekend and see you soon!


4 thoughts on “Am I Going to Regret This…?

  1. Alyssa says:

    I’d say your first vlog went quite well! It doesn’t matter whether you were awkward or not as long as you had fun doing it 🙂

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