Well This is Going Well…

I’m just such a great vlogger!


I meant to upload a few videos last week, including this one!

Since I filmed this, I got a job at J.Crew! (The one I had just interviewed for in my very first vlog).

photo 1

I vlogged before my first day (yesterday) which I will share with you guys soon!

Sorry for the sporadic posts…I’m working hard on new ideas so hopefully I’ll have it all figured out (including that fashion post I’ve been working on) ASAP.

Happy hump day! Enjoy the rest of the week!


3 thoughts on “Well This is Going Well…

  1. Alyssa says:

    When I was writing my blog I had the same thoughts you had. I had all these ideas but didn’t know how to fit them all together and didn’t know whether it was something people would want to read about., I like to see variety in the blogs I read, so I like that you do focus on health and fitness but put splashes of fashion and things like that in there too (no where does it say that you have to stick to one topic). Anything that allows me to connect with the person who is blogging is fantastic, like your vlogs for example! (I’m the kind of person who likes to connection and feel like I’m friends with people who’s blogs I read 🙂

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