Thoughts on a Thursday

Happy Thursday! It kind of feels like Friday today because tomorrow is Independence Day here in the good ol’ USA if that’s where you live!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s WIAW because I genuinely love writing them 🙂

I have to head to the airport in about an hour to fly to Washington, D.C. but I wanted to quickly share some thoughts on this lovely Thursday.

What better place to do so than on Amanda‘s awesome weekly link-up, Thinking Out Loud?! That’s right, there is no better place in the blogosphere to share all your random thoughts and read those of a bunch of other crazy amazing bloggers!


Here. we. go!

1. So, as you may have seen in this short little video yesterday, I have some ideas for my blog, which will also be on my YouTube channel (which, I admit, is far from impressive right now).

SO. I want to share my ideas today because I’ll be away all weekend and I just can’t wait that long!

I will most likely continue to blog about anything any day of the week because currently that’s what works best for me, but here’s my new idea…

I will also be filming a video and/or writing a post that relates to each day’s ‘theme’. On the days that I only film and don’t have a full blog post, I will embed the video on here, and/or Instagram a little teaser.

I won’t necessarily be blogging/vlogging daily but I do have a unique theme for each day. Drum roll please…

  • Motivate Me Monday
  • Tutorial Tuesday (This one is not exactly what it sounds like, I’ll tell you that much!)
  • What I Ate/Wore/Did Wednesday 
  • Thoughts on Thursday
  • Fashion/Fitness Friday
  • Smile, It’s Saturday
  • Sunday Fun-day

I have so many ideas written out in the notes on my iPhone and I cannot wait to get started! I think you’ll see a lot more of my personality (fair warning…), plus we’ll be able to connect and of course have a ton of fun!

Plus, I’m studying abroad this Fall, so hopefully I’ll have tons of fun travel vlogs/blogs to share then, too!

I plan to begin filming a few of my ideas next week, and editing/uploading/blogging will begin shortly after!

If you’d like to join me on this adventure, simply follow me on Bloglovin, Twitter, and Instagram 🙂

2. I’m a little nervous to fly this afternoon. I haven’t been on an airplane since 8th grade, and I’ve never flown without my parents… This should be interesting. Luckily, I’ll have a friend with me, and I just keep reminding myself that this is a great learning experience before I become a world traveler this Fall!

3. I haven’t taken a full rest day in a few weeks, so although we’ll be doing tons of walking in DC tomorrow and Saturday, I’m excited to take a brief hiatus from running/HIIT/strength training! I’m excited to come back refreshed and ready to sweat on Sunday!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 4.52.14 PM

4. I’m also super pumped to try some good restaurants while I’m in DC this weekend! If you have any suggestions for awesome places that aren’t too expensive for a bunch of college kids, please leave them in the comments below! We’d love some recommendations 🙂

5. I have to cut this one short since I need to get ready to go, but if you didn’t a get chance to read the end of my post yesterday where I ask for some blogging advice, here’s the question again!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 4.31.38 PM

I hate to be repetitive and ask again, but all opinions and tips would be a huge help, especially from all you expert bloggers out there.


See ya next week with lots of OOTDs, and some brand new content 🙂


Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.20.05 PM


9 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Thursday

  1. Alyssa says:

    I think either keep it as is (I like WordPress better than Blogger) or purchase a domain.
    As for DC, I went there back in March and ate at a couple good restaurants. I ate at 21st Amendment bar & grill; it is in a hotel but anyone from the public can eat there; however, it is not super expensive but it’s not cheap either. Being as though I had just graduated from college and barely working I could afford it. Also, I had thai for the first time at Thaiphoon and it was really good! They have a wide variety of food and prices and their drinks are good too 🙂
    I hope you have TONS of fun!

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