Happy Friday everybody! I hope you all had a great week!

I should probably start off this post by apologizing in advance for any grammatical errors, sentences that make zero sense, and whatever other weird things may come from these tired hands as they attempt to type up this week’s Friday Favorites! Last night I ‘slept’ over (aka did not sleep) at a friends house after a get-together of sorts with a bunch of friends and people from high school.

The only ‘word’ I have for how I feel this morning is…


After things quieted down around 12:30, a few of my closest friends and I talked for about 2 hours, and once we turned the lights out, it took me over an hour to turn my mind off and fall asleep.

Fun fact: I’m the world’s worst sleeper.

Long story short, I’m running on empty this morning, so let’s see where this post takes us, shall we?


Just like last week, I’m linking up once again with Heather to give you guys a fun little list of my current faves.

1. Running.

The post I wrote yesterday really got me thinking and realizing just how much running means to me. As I said, it keeps me sane (er, maybe not).


I won’t go on and on gushing about it again today, you can read my thoughts yesterday for that, but I do just want to discuss a current favorite running related thing…

2. Summer workout clothes.

Yesterday I just grabbed whatever clothes were on the top of my drawers, and halfway through my run I looked down and noticed that I matched perfectly. Kinda super dorky, I know. While I don’t try to make my run OOTDs all matchy-matchy, I do still like to look at least somewhat put together.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 12.03.01 PM

For shorts, I basically only wear Nike Tempo Shorts. I find them to be the most comfortable, and they have tons (read: too many) adorable colors and patterns to choose from. Now, that’s not to say I’m not willing to try other brands/styles, but these are just what I love and have the most (read: too many) of.

For tops, I like to wear breathable tanks in the summer heat. I’m not super fussy about these as long as they aren’t super long (or super short), tight, or thick. I have a bunch of awesome Nike tanks of different styles, plus a few from Target that I love!

For sports bras, I have a few go-to’s. My top choice is probably any from the Target C9 line (the one pictured below is one of my faves!). I don’t really have a long list of requirements, and these are beyond adorable and super supportive, so they’re winners in my book!

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 2.06.28 PM

I also have a few UnderArmour, Nike, and Old Navy sports bras that I really like, so clearly I’m easy to please in this department.

For shoes, I mix it up a lot depending on what kind of run I’m doing. I wear anything from Mizuno Wave Inspires (I went through 8 pairs of these in high school!), to Nike Frees, to Brooks PureCadence, and all three of those are my favorites for different reasons. What running shoes a person wears is based on a lot of personal factors such as arch size, pronation, foot strike, etc, as well as personal style!

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.11.48 PM

Well that ended up being a lot of running talk…whoops!

3. Fresh fruit.

I love fruit 365 days a year, but there’s something about the dog days of summer that make me love the cold, refreshing, sweet snack even more. I honestly love it all – from strawberries and blueberries, cherries, mangoes (especially this one…oh my gosh), oranges, apples, pears, white nectarines, bananas, watermelon, and everything in between. Come to think of it, there probably isn’t a fruit I don’t like.

I know apples, pears, and oranges aren’t really in season right now, but I still eat them all. the. time.

In fact, apple slices + apple pie spice (or cinnamon) is one of my favorite late afternoon snacks!

A few other amazing combos:

  • Granny smith slices with plain greek yogurt + cinnamon
  • Pear slices + any flavor greek yogurt (I like all the Oikos Traditional flavors)
  • Thinly sliced white nectarines or pears + melted cheese (just like that or on toast!)
  • And of course the classic -> bananas + peanut or almond butter!

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 12.48.50 PM

4. YouTube.

Not only am I obsessed with blogs, but I also really enjoy YouTube videos, especially daily vlogs. I actually mentioned over a year ago (ahh!) in this post, that I’m a huge fan of the Shaytards on YouTube. They’re an adorable, happy, loving family of seven that has been daily vlogging for five years! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may remember when Shay gave me a shout out! Coolest moment ever.

Over the past year I’ve become a loyal viewer to many other YouTubers, and not just daily vloggers! Here are most of the channels I’ve subscribed to and watch almost daily:


Now, keep in mind, this is my ‘TV’ – I probably watch maybe an hour of TV a week and that’s usually on the treadmill if I’m not watching YouTube videos! Plus I can watch YouTube on my phone while I work on the blog, work out, peruse other blogs, etc.

Wow. That ended up being a hefty post for only 4 favorites…

Unfortunately I have to leave it at that even though I did have a few more things I wanted to tell you about. I guess I’ll just have to save those for another #FFavorites! I have work in a couple hours and I somehow need to make myself not look like a zombie.

This may be a challenge.

By the way, there’s a chance I may not get around to posting for a bit just because I have a long work day tomorrow and then I’m possibly heading to the Cape for a few days. Hopefully I’ll still be able to get on here at least to say hi, and maybe to get that ‘how to pack‘ post up! We shall see what happens.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fun-filled weekend and I will talk to you soon 🙂


Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.20.05 PM

And in case you missed them, here are some of my more recent posts:

Your turn! 

  1. What are some of your favorites this week?
  2. Do you watch YouTube videos?
  3. Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

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