Back in the Blogosphere + Too Many Pictures


How’s that for a little running motivation to get this post started?



I feel like I begin almost every post with “it’s been way too long!” But it totally has and I hate that this is the way it always is. That being said, it’s how it’s got to be until at least summer time.

I hope you all have been good and enjoying more daylight! It’s amazing how much happier the ‘longer’ days and somewhat ‘warmer’ weather (aka two days of above 50 degrees woohooo) has made me. And how much it distracts me from school work…uh oh.

Two weeks ago I had my spring break, so I have some pics from that, as well as tons of pictures from school after getting back from Christmas break (which was when my last post was…ahhh!)

Without further ado, here are some pics that I want to share with you (and erase from my phone since they’re taking up a ton of room…whoops!).


These are insane. Buy them. Try them. You’ll love them.Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 3.15.43 PM

Throwback to Christmas break. Miss this. Sweats all day.

photo 2

Another throwback. Like my nerdy slippers?

photo 4

Classic combo.

photo 3 copy

Panera “You Pick Two” for dinner at my grandma’s house. I would pick this everyday if I could.

photo 4

Dipping pear slices in greek yogurt is one of my favorite snacks.

photo 3 copy

Target, you just get me.


Cara cara oranges are perfect. (Yes, I did slice them and eat them with a fork to keep my hands clean so I could look at magazines.)

photo 1

And so are giant mint oreo Carvelanches.


J.Crew phone case for my new (back in January) iPhone 5. Got it for 7 bucks. Bargain hunter.


Vanilla Chex tastes like sugar cookies. Just sayin.


One of my all time favorite take-out meals when I’m home. Those sweet potato fries though.


Has anyone else tried these new Special K Nourish bowls? They’re pretty good!


Also pretty good? These popcorns. The kettle corn is my latest obsession.


Winter wardrobe = scarves and vests. And stripes. Always stripes.


Hot cocoa.


Wraps on wraps. On wraps.


If you’re ever in Boston and want unique pizza, go to Ottos Pizza.

Pizza 1: Butternut Squash, Ricotta & Cranberry. Pizza 2: Pulled Pork & Mango. Pizza 3: Eggplant, Ricotta & Basil. Pizza 4: Roasted Chicken, Caramelized Pears & Fontina Cheese. Pizza 1,2,3,4Heaven.


Dining hall, I (kinda) missed you. I guess.


Back in January, I was sick for 2 weeks with flu like symptoms (I got the flu shot in October though). It was hell, but let me tell ya, vanilla froyo is a great sore throat remedy.


First Thai food experience. This was when I was super sick so I got the Tom Yum soup. I actually loved it and it was perfect for a stuffy nose.


Massive veggie burgers. You can’t really tell but it was ginormous.


Pass the cheese, please.


Long runs on tready, I actually do not dread thee.


Try these. Like now.


Fast forward to back at home for “spring” (aka 30 degree) break the first week of March. Some typical at home eats.


We took my great aunt and grandma out to dinner. I decided to get something different, so I got tilapia. I also decided I do not like capers.


A few J.Crew purchases.


Nike Frees that were practically free. $28 at the outlet. Again, call me a bargain hunter.


Eat fresh. With avocado.


Eggs, fruit, and yogurt with a side of artsiness for breakfast.



Another long run on the treadmill.




Also delish.


I’ve been guzzling down this 32 oz baby multiple times a day. Water for the win!


Back at school- goat cheese and grilled veggie flatbread sammy and veggie soup. Not too shabby.


Me and one of my roommates. Well, half of her face anyway. Still want to protect my friends/family’s privacy – at least for now!

20140316-111933 2


Well, wasn’t that quite the hefty photo dump?! Random thoughts and pics on a Sunday gets the week off to a good start, eh?

Hopefully I will be making a visit back to my little neck of the woods in the blogosphere again soon, but as always, who knows. I’ll be sure to pop back in as soon as I find the time (and have more fun pics!).

Have a great last few days of winter, and enjoy the start of SPRING!! It’s almost here – we can do it!


A few questions for you:

  • What are some of your recent obsessions? Fun snacks, fitness routines, fashion trends?
  • What are you most looking forward to about Spring?!

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